Workflow • "Growing Your Audience Meaningfully"


Pro-Ject has partnered with Chicago-based music platform These Days to produce the collaborative live panel and podcast series: Workflow, which aims to spark instructive and honest conversation about attaining and maintaining success in the creative industries. Workflow Episode 2’s panel focused on growing your audience meaningfully.

Our second panel, was held in June in front of a live audience and featured four individuals who have authentically created their own audience through content creation with a focus on building community. Photographer & content creator Alina Tsvor; Juan-Elias Riesco, Owner's Son at Nini's Deli and Founder of Chicago Native; and Corey WagnerSean Ely, co-founders of Number Six With Cheese, a comedy fast food review show on YouTube.

Listen back to the conversation below, which features the group's commentary on turning passion projects into your career, best practices for taking on the right clients and partnerships, authentically engaging with your audience community and some of Chicago's best kept food secrets.


  • Music "Sea of Clouds" by Lasko

  • Mixed by Rachel Blackman

  • Engineered by Nick Stetina

  • Artwork Design by Kevin Shark

  • Photography by Michael Salisbury and Julien Carr