Workflow • "Producing Your Own Event"

workflow 1 image.jpg

Pro-Ject has partnered with Chicago-based music platform These Days to produce the collaborative live panel and podcast series: Workflow, which aims to spark instructive and honest conversation about attaining and maintaining success in the creative industries.

The first panel, “Producing Your Own Event,” was held in March and featured multi-faceted insight for aspiring event throwers at all levels from Brent Heyl, Talent Buyer at Empty Bottle Presents, Ciera Mckissick, founder of AMFM, and Ruben Trejo, Multicultural Specialist at New Era Agency.

Listen back to the conversation below, which includes commentary on best practices, securing sponsorship, the day-to-day life of running a DIY venue, the art of talent buying with notes for artists, and how best to pursue relationships early on in your career.


  • Music by Lasko

  • Mixed by Rachel Blackman

  • Engineered by Jayson Homyack

  • Design by Kevin Shark

  • Photography by George Mulcahy