Pro-Ject Partners with Comedic Content Creators Number Six with Cheese, Zako Ryan and The Knits for 'The Unemployables Podcast'

We’re thrilled to announce our new collaboration with comedians, YouTubers and entrepreneurs The Unemployables. The collective of creators features comedian/actor Zako Ryan, comedian/videographer Sean Ely, comedian/writer Corey Wagner and comedy music duo and jingle writers The Knits, made up of Eric McCloskey and Mike Ameling. Together, Sean and Corey make-up comedic food review channel Number Six With Cheese.

On ‘The Unemployables Podcast’, the crew will offer advice to the listeners from audience submitted questions: Additionally — they’ll peel back the curtain of the ins and outs of what it’s like to be a hustling comedians and entrepreneurs in Chicago, the comedy capitol of the world. The Unemployables Podcast powered by Pro-Ject will also featured Twitch livestreams, video blogs, brand partnerships content and collaborations with musicians, creatives, comedians, food & beverage professionals and entrepreneurs.

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