Pro-Ject's Joe Lucchese Featured Speaker at XLIVE 2019 in Las Vegas


Pro-Ject founder Joe Lucchese will speak alongside Chris Racan, SVP Business Development & Strategy (KABOO) at XLIVE — a premiere annual conference for music festival industry professionals to discover and discuss trends surrounding the industry. The two will speak about creating unique marketing opportunities and brand partnerships between events and brands of all sizes. Lucchese and Racan’s talk at XLIVE will be held on Wednesday, November 20th 2019 (10:15AM) at the MGM Grand in Las Vegas. Founded in 2018, “XLIVE is transforming the way live events share expertise, learn and revolutionize experience. XLIVE convenes industry leaders at the intersection of music, sports, film, culinary, beverage, esports, technology, brands and the experiences that culminate at festivals and live events. Driven by a thirst to provide unique, memorable and life changing experiences, the live entertainment industry represents a dynamic and influential community valued over $100 billion.” Additional details surrounding the talk and speaker bios can be found below. XLIVE show info, registration, programming and partners can be found at

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Creating Unique Marketing and Brand Partnerships between Brands and Events of All Sizes

Wednesday, 11/20/2019: 10:15 am - 11:00 am • Room: 311 • Session Number: XL301

Description: This session will explore the unique concepts and creative ways to promote brands at an event with distinguished taste, memorable impressions on the guests, and heavier ROI for both the brand and the event.See through the looking glass at the good, the bad, the ugly, and the exceptionally executed ways to promote your brand at any event. It is important to think well beyond the event with which you are partnering. Take the partnership to your advantage and make it a 365 multi-touch experience for your end customer in creative ways. Let's open the creative box and see just how we can activate your brand against the event to show massive ROI and consumer engagement.


Joe Lucchese, Creator at Pro-Ject

Speaker Bio: Joe Lucchese, Creator at Pro-Ject, a relationship architecture agency that works with brands, agencies, and entertainment properties to create partnerships and award winning experiences.

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Chris Racan, SVP Business Development & Strategy

Speaker Bio: With over 15+ years in the events, resorts, and brand world, Chris brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to the room. His past experience includes brand strategy, business building/growth channels, marketing deployment and tactics, as well as B2C/B2B business/marketing expertise.

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