Workflow • "Getting Your SH!T Together"

Pro-Ject has partnered with Chicago-based music platform These Days to produce the collaborative live panel and podcast series: Workflow, which aims to spark instructive and honest conversation about attaining and maintaining success in the creative industries. For our third episode, our panel on the theme of “getting your shit together!”

Our third panel, held in December 2018 in front of a live audience and featured three individuals who’s perspectives are valuable for creatives looking to bring business and legal discipline to their endeavors. Music Supervisor Melissa Chapman (Co-Founder, Groove Garden), trial and entertainment lawyer Joe Klocke (SmithAmundsen, LLC) and attorney Eddie Sanders (Troglia Kaplan, LLC). Topics include music, film and entertainment law, music licensing & supervision, royalties, entity formation, intellectual property, forming an LLC (or partnership, operating agreement), protecting and monetizing content and more.

Melissa Chapman’s Groove Garden is a women owned & operated music supervision & licensing for firm (NYC/Chicago), commercial, TV and more. Two of our respective guests also host their own podcasts. Eddie Sanders co-hosts The Industry Standard, a podcast about entertainment law with co-host Josh Kaplan. Joe Klocke hosts The Flood, “the social circle” podcast.

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  • Produced by Pro-Ject and These Days

  • Engineered by Nick Stetina

  • Artwork by Kevin Shark

  • Photography by Kevin Gabrielsen

  • Intro/Outro Instrumental: "Sea of Clouds" by Lasko

  • Mixed by Patrick Welby

  • Hosted by Pro-Ject

  • Recap Video by 119 Productions

  • Video Music: “Flip Em” by Ness Heads (via Groove Garden)