Pro-Ject & ETR • Data-Curated: Docker

Kicking off our partnership with ETR, and the creation of the Data Curated Event Series, Pro-Ject launched the series with a return to New York City.  We brought together the finest Portfolio Managers at some of the largest capital management institutions to connect with the best Chief Information Officers in the enterprise space today.

These contrasting groups were curated and invited to share notes on technology vendors and platforms that are disrupting the tech community. As the enterprise space remodels itself with new technologies, we utilize the Pro-Ject ConXion system to connect leaders and transform how authenticate relationships are built. 

The feature conversation of the evening included Docker CEO Ben Golub, and the release of ETR’s April Survey. Docker’s explosive growth in the enterprise community is well validated in the April Survey showing the best forward looking net score for spending intentions that ETR has ever recorded.

In just two years, Docker is used by three to four million developers. By June 2014, three million containers were downloaded and by the end of the year, that number had grown to one hundred million containers. Currently, four hundred million containers have been downloaded and shipped.

I’ve been apart of the ETR survey group for a number of years and this is actually the first event I’ve come to. It was not at all what I expected. The venue was great and the vibe in the room was a lot of genuine interest in what other people had to say. The Pro-Ject way of creating introductions creates a fortuitous serendipity that allows you to learn from people that you would not have sought out on your own and might not have encountered otherwise.
— James O'Shea, Cybersecurity and IT Infrastructure

This data curated model is a fantastic way for you to actually focus on having real engagement and true conversations with other people who are thinking about the same things.
— David Messina, Vice President - Enterprise Marketing, Docker