Pro-Ject & ETR • Data-Curated: Hortonworks

On September 1st, 2016 Pro-Ject and ETR hosted our 2nd Data-Curated event featuring Hortonworks President, Herb Cunitz, who shared Hortonworks' vision on the future of Big Data and Hadoop with a collective of CIOs, CEOs and enterprise IT end users.

Herb and members of the Hortonworks team engaged the enterprise IT end user group members to share the successes they’re seeing. Hadoop is currently one of the most bullish areas in ETRd’s survey work and Hortonworks has arguably the best spending intentions data in the space.

This event was a must attend for our large enterprise IT professionals, given the traction for open source and Hortonworks being a 100% open source solution for next gen enterprise data platforms.

One thing I have always found so great about ETR events is the diversity of the people. Everyone from CIOs to CTOs in all industries facing a lot of the same challenges that I face. Being able to talk to them and explore what they have done to meet some of the challenges has been great.
— Lorraine Cichowski, Former SVP & CIO Associated Press

Being here in person, making the right connections, letting people talk to you, letting people ask you questions. You asking questions of them. Being responsive. Being heard. That’s the part that’s really important. It’s incredibly important for CIOs and CTOs to get face time with the actual companies they are going to use. It’s so rare in enterprise that you actually get to make that connection directly between the CTOs, CIOs buying this software and the people that are actually producing it.
— Matt Wallaert, East Coast Lead - Microsoft Ventures

Really for us the most pressing business need is how do we get our story, the message, the opportunities that are available from Hadoop out to everybody. So everyone can see what’s possible, so the ones who are ready to take advantage of it have the opportunity to take advantage of it. That’s why ETR has been a great platform to get that word out and get that visibility out, so we can have that conversation.
— Herb Cunitz, President - Hortonworks

The combination is really bringing together the right people to have the right conversations to solve the right problems. Just tonight alone, I’ve probably had three conversations on “I have a problem, that I would like to do XYZ” that we can solve. It has brought together problem and a potential solution that Hortonworks can provide.
— Mike Proia, Regional Vice President - Hortonworks

We’re excited about the customer conversations that started tonight. We’re excited about the awareness factor that ETR is allowing us to provide. There are some folks that frankly had not heard about us. They heard about us in the context of this incredible data that ETR laid out. From my point of view, that’s a win-win. Starting conversations, share peer data, influence and raise our awareness. What else could we ask for?
— Matthew Morgan, VP Product & Alliance Marketing - Hortonworks